What Can Smaller Firms Do to Compete Against Building Energy Management Software Market Behemoths?

The leaders in the building energy management software space, often come from larger groups, such as EnerNOC, IBM, Schneider Electric and Siemens. They continue to invest in building out their leadership positions as revealed by Verdantix’s recent analysis. How? By developing the broadest ranges of software functionalities, through corporate acquisitions and the financial support that comes from being a large global corporation.

Other firms in the building energy management software space aren’t sitting still; instead they are investing in inventive solutions and the development of domain expertise to compete against the market’s behemoths. For example, Spain-based DEXMA has developed an apps marketplace that allows customers to tailor software packages to their corporate needs while exercising greater control over what they spend on energy management software. This apps marketplace is helping DEXMA to accelerate its customer momentum with over 195 partnerships across 30 countries. Meanwhile Ameresco and Verisae are betting on a broader view by developing extensive asset management functionality. To find out more about these firms and the other 26 profiled building energy management software firms, sign up for the upcoming Verdantix webinar – Energy Management Software Product Assessment: Industry Behemoths Begin To Take Control.

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