Visitor Management Systems Play Vital Role In Stemming Covid-19 Spread

The Covid-19 virus has the world grinding to a halt. Borders have closed to tourists in US and India to stop the viruses spread. Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain have imposed quarantines to slow the viruses spread. Globally there are now 175,000 number of infections and 6,705 deaths. In the UK many professional firms have sent their employees to offices out of London, or let them work remotely. These precautions may slow the spread, but also stops business from functioning. The question then stands, how can we keep calm and carry on through this pandemic?

One piece of the puzzle is to ensure that individuals entering a building are not infected. This is where visitor management systems play a role. Visitor management systems log everyone entering a building or facility, ensure that the individual or group is meant to be entering the building, and have completed the correct paperwork. These systems offered by vendors such as Noggin, Sine, SmartSpace, TEEM and Veristream have sat behind the reception desk for many years already, with many taking them for granted. Now they will play a key role in ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants and residents.

Sine offers a Covid-19 form for all visitors to sign before entering a building or facility, the questionnaire is adjustable based on a facility’s individual needs. Sine also allows users to create different visitor type tags, which can be used to exclude the most infected. Workflows can include covid-19 pre-screening and be built into office invitations. Noggin launched a new epidemic response module in February 2020 to help firms to respond to the virus. The module includes dashboards from business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management, and worker safety. This goes beyond only managing who enters a site, but also includes checklists and best-practice plans, maps and facts, and case management when there are infected individuals, allowing a firm to manage its employees’ wellbeing.

Buildings and facilities that do not already have a visitor management system with these workflows and capabilities should implement them to create greater confidence for those inside. Ensuring that each visitor passes a basic screening will reduce the likelihood of infection and plays a vital role in stemming the spread of Covid-19.

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