Visitor Management Software Is Now Increasingly A Key Part Of End-To-End Digital Offices

The leading visitor management solutions have recently enjoyed a surge in commercial success in the smart building software market. Space and workplace management solutions provider SmartSpace Software acquired New Zealand-based visitor management solution SwipedOn, which doubled its revenue year on year since its founding in 2013 and expanded the number of organizations using its software from nearly 2,300 in 2018 to over 3,500 today. Co-working giant WeWork acquired room booking innovator Teem, which itself had acquired guest check-in software provider LobbyConnect. WeWork also acquired Welkio, which helps automate the visitor badge printing and host notification process. US-based Envoy raised $43 million to develop capabilities such as a room booking module. And Belgium-based Proxyclick raised $3.5 million to help it provide its customers with a more seamless experience via integrations with other building management systems.

The visitor management software market is a crowded one, as barriers to entry as well as prices are low and solutions offer a routine formula: logging visitors’ arrival, notifying their hosts and then logging them out upon departure. Keeping a record of this helps support building security by keeping out unwelcome visitors, contractor compliance and cuts down on inefficient paper-based practices. The market activities outlined above indicate that the leading players in this market are therefore trying to develop their value proposition beyond this formula and its consequent benefits. But what links all of them?

The underlying long-term vision is to help customers rationalize their workplace management processes. SmartSpace Software’s acquisition of SwipedOn is helping them develop more end-to-end solution deployments, so it is possible to seamlessly integrate visitor registration, parking, meeting room bookings and site sign-out. In practice, this enables a client to pre-register visitors, arrange for a parking spot, alert their host once they arrive and provide them with tools such as a wayfinding app and catering once they enter a reserved meeting room. Envoy plans to build out these capabilities inhouse. Proxyclick plans to develop its integration capabilities (with space reservation specialists Condeco and Robin, for instance) to link with third-party systems at client sites.

Pursuing this vision will enable these vendors to help clients who have invested in smart building software to spread the experiential benefits to visitors as well as their own occupants. If an organization is hosting clients on-site, for instance, this can help visits go more smoothly. And if an organization is operating workspaces with agile working conditions, such as a WeWork co-working facility, almost everyone entering the space is a visitor.

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