Verdantix Identifies 10 Innovative Visitor Management Vendors That Can Support Worker Safety During COVID-19

The traditional role of visitor management systems has been to keep an accurate record of those temporarily entering and leaving a facility. It also supports building security by keeping out unwelcome visitors, compliance by time-stamping contractor presence on-site and cost savings by cutting down on inefficient paper-based practices. Over the past three years, the category had been transforming with the convergence of multiple categories to create tools for end-to-end workplace management, making guest and client experiences more seamless. Visitor management systems can now link up with room booking, car parking and wayfinding applications. Now, with the outbreak of COVID-19, large firms need to leverage visitor management systems to help stem the spread of the virus by including pre-registration screening questions to keep out visitors that could spread it to a facility’s occupants.

In a newly released report, Verdantix identifies vendors with product innovations that take it a step beyond simply using screening questions as a line of defence against COVID-19. For example, one of the integrations offered by Proxyclick covers facial recognition technology, which could be used as part of contact tracing to identify visitors who are later diagnosed with the virus. SwipedOn’s integrations with SmartSpace Software, its parent firm that offers workplace management solutions, could be used to correlate time stamped data from visitor check-in, room bookings and occupancy sensors, to accurately track who attended what meetings and when.

Why is this so important? In addition to screening occupant access, contact tracing is a core line of defence against COVID-19. In Singapore, for example, 96 of the 243 confirmed cases (as of March 16) were contacted before their diagnosis. This has been a key contributing factor in preventing the virus from spreading to more of the population and marking Singapore as a leading nation in the fight to contain the pandemic. Workplaces all around the world are starting to implement these practices. Doing so can help facility managers track who infectious occupants interacted with, and then inform these individuals of the need to self-isolate and prevent the virus spreading further in a workforce.

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SB Verdantix Identifies 10 Innovative Visitor Management Vendors That Can Support Worker Safety During COVID 19 Verdantix Blog