Verdantix Benchmark Highlights The Fast Pace Of Product Innovation Across The Smart Building IoT Market

The recently released 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant assessed 17 smart building IoT platforms vendors across their product functionality, user interface and market momentum. Our research included three-hour live software demos, desktop research, vendor responses to a 154-point questionnaire and findings from our Global Corporate Survey of 285 real estate and facilities executives. What are the key takeaways for buyers seeking a smart building IoT platform?

Firstly, buyers looking for a comprehensive IoT platform to optimize energy, maintenance and space usage have significant choice. In our benchmark, seven vendors made it into the Leaders’ Quadrant: Carrier, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Planon, Schneider Electric, Spacewell and Siemens, as they demonstrated an excellent breadth of functionality and strong market momentum. But even within this group of vendors, buyers should be aware that there are varying depths of functionality. For example, Spacewell and Planon excel at helping firms analyse workplace data to support space optimization and employee engagement,whilst Schneider Electric and Siemens have a growing track record of supporting firms with comprehensive energy management and net zero strategies, with functionality to support grid-interactive strategies.

Secondly, buyers can look to IoT platform vendors to help them manage a growing range of facility processes. Over the past two years, platforms have extended their capabilities to support indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and wellbeing programmes. For example, PointGuard introduced functionality to provide air quality monitoring and recommendations in line with ASHRAE COVID-19 guidelines through its Airflow Hygiene module. Infogrid has built out rich functionality helping firms to capture granular data on building health metrics such as IAQ, cleanlinessand temperature, then assign a single health score to each building, alongside a satisfaction score, to enable benchmarking.

Thirdly, new entrants are bringing exciting innovation to the IoT landscape. Our 2022 smart building IoT benchmark covers seven new vendors compared to our 2019 version highlighting the growth of the sector. These vendors are bringing new innovations to market, particularly around energy analytics and employee engagement. For example, Energisme offers a low-code capability for users to develop asset and energy analytics, leveraging energy data from a range of sources. Spica Technologies provides one of the most comprehensive workplace apps, with integrations to common indoor positioning systems from vendors such as Pointr and Senion, whilst Thing Technologies delivers enhanced tenant experiences thanks to its extensive workplace services capabilities, which includes reservation tools and integration with access control systems.

To learn more about the 17 most prominent smart building IoT platform vendors, read the full report: Green Quadrant IoT Platforms For Smart Buildings 2022.

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Dayann Charles Jeyamohan

Industry Analyst, Verdantix

Dayann is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Smart Buildings practice. His current agenda focusses primarily on IoT building solutions and the digitization of the built environment and facilities management. This covers themes and technologies across the IoT and cloud landscape including IoT hardware, edge computing and 5G connectivity. Dayann joined Verdantix in early 2020, having previously worked as a Business and Technology Consultant at IBM. He holds an M.Eng. in Engineering (Mechanical) with Business Finance from University College London.