Utilising EHS Mobile Apps To Support Social Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 causing an almost dystopian reality, firms can be at a loss for how to navigate the current turmoil. As a society, we are facing the most unprecedented economic, social and health risks of modern times. With many employees being asked to work from home and self-isolate to ensure social distancing, this isn’t a viable option for all. In industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, and telecommunications where it is essential for work to continue, it is vital that firms utilise existing EHS technologies to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread and support social distancing practices.

Seventy-two per cent of the 403 senior EHS decision-makers interviewed for the Verdantix global survey reported that they will use EHS mobile apps at all or multiple facilities in 2020 (see Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 2019: EHS Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences). With widespread dissemination of this technology in place, it makes sense to utilise this software now more than ever. EHS mobile apps offer multiple functionalities such as audits, inspections and incident management (see Market Overview: The Evolving Universe Of EHS Mobile Apps). Offering this functionality at the point of need helps workers remain safe in the field whilst avoiding offices and places with close contact to others, reducing the potential spread of the virus.

Further to this, existing EHS mobile apps can be utilised for their notifications and alerts functionality to support communication at scale. Firms such as ProcessMAP, Sphera, KPA and eCompliance provide notification functionality, which alert frontline users about critical information in real time. This mass communication feature is beneficial for alerting individuals who may be entering a virus hotspot or for any new insight into the virus spread. Through notifications and additional communication functionalities, firms are able to encourage safe practices, facilitate social distancing and providing warnings based on current information.

In light of the COVID-19 virus, many EHS technology vendors are providing resources and additional functionality on their software in order to better support firms at this time and encourage social distancing. As such, we recommend firms take a moment to evaluate the EHS mobile app solutions that they already possess, communicate with vendors about new and additional functionality, and utilise this technology to support safe work practices. By embracing existing resources, firms can roll out new safety measures efficiently to support the productivity of their business at this uncertain time.

For more information about EHS mobile apps, their functionality and vendors in the market, take a look at the new Verdantix report Market Overview: The Evolving Universe Of EHS Mobile Apps.

EHS Utilising EHS Mobile Apps To Support Social Distancing During COVID 19 Pandemic Verdantix Blog