Siemens And Salesforce Launch A COVID-19 Toolkit To Make Smart Buildings Safer

On June 23, 2020, Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure division and Salesforce announced that they are partnering to develop and deploy a workplace technology suite to help businesses orchestrate the reopening of their facilities. Siemens will leverage two of its subsidiaries: Comfy, a workplace engagement app, and Enlighted, a smart lighting and IoT sensor monitoring solution. Salesforce will leverage Work.com, a suite of apps for COVID-19 management. Siemens will pilot the new solutions at its HQ in Zug, and Salesforce will do the same at the San Francisco Salesforce Tower.

The partnership will enable touchless access to offices and safe occupancy management. The Comfy mobile app will provide functionality for contactless elevator and building entry and provide users space reservation tools. In addition, building operators can receive real-time alerts when occupant check-in numbers exceed thresholds deemed too high for effective indoor social distancing. In turn, this data can be viewed in Salesforce’s Work.com Command Center web portal. This portal centralizes all relevant data management processes for workplace re-entry, spanning occupancy as well as visitor data, reservations, employee wellness assessments, and emergency response protocols.

The Siemens-Salesforce suite will support contact tracing by providing workplace managers with a single view into space reservations and occupant location captured through Enlighted sensors. There is growing interest in workplace contact tracing tools as firms prepare for multiple further waves of infections.

This partnership highlights that occupant safety is the compelling new use case for the IoT in smart buildings. Delhi Airport is installing sensors to calculate social distancing, and Amazon is testing wearable sensors for social distancing alerts and contact tracing. Firms accelerating their building-level IoT deployments must keep in mind future requirements and avoid investment in technologies with a short shelf life.

For insights into getting your workplace ready for re-opening, look out for our upcoming report Beyond COVID-19: Emerging Best Practices For Occupant Health And Wellbeing. 

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