Schneider Electric And ThoughtWire Launch New Partnership To Tackle Data Silos In Hospital Management

On October 2, 2019, Schneider Electric announced a new partnership with building digital twin software vendor ThoughtWire to offer a smart hospital management platform. The partnership brings together Schneider Electric’s ‘EcoStruxure For Healthcare’ solution which monitors and manages power infrastructure and building systems with ThoughtWire’s capability to integrate and analyse disparate data from clinical IT systems. The hospital management platform provides facilities managers and care workers a more integrated view into hospital performance to improve their decision making. Hospitals can also use this new offering to automate HVAC schedules and lighting systems based on a patient’s usage of space.

Siloed data is a well-known and long-running challenge across the healthcare industry. Hospitals can have in excess of 200 disparate systems to manage clinical, financial and operational data, many of which were deployed to support specific medical functions. In facilities management, technicians often use multiple CAFM and CMMS systems to coordinate cleaning or maintenance schedules, but lack an easy view into patient schedules. That can lead to multiple inefficiencies in work allocation and disruption for patients. Schneider Electric and ThoughtWire are aiming to bridge this gap by bringing facilities and patient workflows into a single dashboard. The two vendors are already delivering their combined offering to a US healthcare facility and are now making this platform available to the broader market.

Recent announcements from the healthcare sector indicate there is growing appetite from hospitals to tackle siloed data and improve data management. For example, in October 2019, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group in the UK announced it is working with Hitachi Consulting to develop a ‘digital control centre’ to gain real-time insights into staff resource and bed availability and support the smart scheduling of patient services. Metro South Health in Australia is also running a ‘Digital Hospital Program’ to integrate siloed systems containing patient and related data.

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