New Consortium Aspires To Clear The Fog Around Indoor Air Quality Solutions

On June 14, 2021, five indoor air quality (IAQ) solution vendors launched a new consortium named the Alliance For Sustainable and Practical IAQ in Real Estate (ASPIRE) to provide best practice advice for IAQ data collection and analysis. The five founding members consist of Awair, an IAQ sensor vendor; Clockworks Analytics, a provider of analytics software to automate buildings; enVerid a vendor of air purifiers and HVAC load reduction modules; SafeTraces, who offer HVAC verification and certification solutions; System2, a consulting and engineering firm for smart building technologies. Between them, the five firms offer a comprehensive range of products, solutions, and services to improve the IAQ of buildings, along with the performance and efficiency of HVAC systems.

This new consortium is targeting opportunities to fill knowledge gaps amongst facility managers on how to run effective air quality enhancements and utilize wellness standards such as AirRated, RESET and WELL. While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly driven significant interest in improving IAQ and building health, firms still struggle to understand how to make impactful improvements. This reflects that IAQ is a new area for many facilities executives and the business value of many solutions is still unclear.

The emergence of the ASPIRE consortium will be welcome news for facility managers looking to stay at the forefront of evolving best practices for IAQ. While the group is in its infancy, it is positioning to become the go-to place for technology firms and building managers to share best practices on making buildings healthier. Firms looking for inspiration on making their indoor environments healthier should also consult further sources of information, such as the new slew of scientific research papers and health guidelines emerging to make IAQ a central part of COVID-19 risk management and prompting a review of ventilation strategies.

To find out more about indoor air quality solutions and the healthy buildings trends as a whole based on over six months of Verdantix research, watch our webinar on Creating A Healthier Building With Technology.

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Ben Hext

Analyst, Verdantix

Ben is an Analyst in the Verdantix Smart Buildings practice. His current agenda covers hardware and software solutions for energy management, on-site power generation, and COVID-19 mitigation management. He holds an M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Durham University.