Medgate Rebrands As Cority Reflecting Its Broader EHS Product Strategy And Growth Plans

On June 21, 2017 Medgate announced that it had rebranded as Cority whilst retaining the distinctive orange colour of its original logo. The need to rebrand was driven by the expansion of the product into processes outside of occupational health and industrial hygiene, acquisitions in the environmental and quality management segments and plans for international growth. The new brand name for Medgate reflects the software supplier’s new trajectory since the March 2016 investment in Medgate by Norwest Venture Partners, Georgian Partners and BMO Financial Group.

Verdantix expects the Cority go-to-market strategy to focus on three themes. Firstly, Cority will expand its capabilities to support a wide range of EHSQ business processes through both internal development and external acquisitions. In February 2017, Cority announced it acquired RegAction in the environmental market and in March 2017 it bought IQS in the quality managment market. In the annual Verdantix survey of 301 EHS decision-makers, 81% rated “the platform covers all EHS workflows” as either very important or important. Dropping an explicit reference to ‘medical’ in the brand name meets the vision of most customers. Secondly, Cority will deliver an EHS data analytics offering supported by the expertise of investor Georgian Partners. The initial focus will be on safety data conducting analysis at employee and site level. Cority customers like Tri-State Generation, Westmoreland Coal and Whiting Petroleum are pioneering the analytics program which will expand beyond safety in 2018. Thirdly, Cority will expand out its growth efforts outside of Canada and the United States. Reflecting the age-old battle between the North American grey squirrel and the native red squirrels of Europe, Verdantix anticipates that large European economies will be the first landing point for Cority in its plan of attack for geographic expansion.

Customers should expect continued shifts in the EHS software brand landscape. Following its acquisition by Mitratech, the CMO Software brand was retired in favour of the solution-specific name 'CMO Compliance'. The software assets carved out from IHS were rebranded as Sphera Solutions in September 2016. MSDSOnline and KMI rebranded as VelocityEHS in September 2015. Following the February 2016 deal, the cr360 brand has now been subsumed into the UL EHS Sustainablity and PURE platform brands. Acquisitions of smaller vendors such as Ecocion and Rivo will also likely result in those brands disappearing over time. At the same time, many EHS decision-makers are now taking an interest in edge technologies outside the enterprise EHS software market. So new brands are coming into play such as eCompliance for mobile midmarket safety, GreenRoad Technologies for fleet and driver safety, NordSafety and SafetyCulture for mobile-centric safety solutions.

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