Mapping The Digital Future Of The Multibillion-dollar EHS Tech Market: Categorizing EHS Technologies Through R&D, Launch, Growth And Maturity

Verdantix has just launched the 2021 version of its Tech Roadmap for EHS Technologies. This report serves as an important tool for informing corporate decision-makers about available EHS technologies, identifying vendors and their offerings, and helping define the technological outlook for the larger market. As a part of its Tech Roadmap methodology, Verdantix classifies each technology’s functionality, phase of maturity, pace of innovation and value within the business environment. Using this overview of the EHS technology market, corporates should have the necessary foundation of knowledge to make more confident investment decisions.

In the Tech Roadmap, Verdantix assessed the business value, use cases and state of development for 29 technologies in the EHS landscape. This latest iteration of our tech roadmap research builds on the 2019 analysis and introduces six new technologies: AI enabled compliance, connected safety platforms, critical event management solutions, digital twins, mental health and wellness, graph databases and video analytics. Additionally, some existing technologies, such as sustainability software, saw some marked changes in business value over the last 24 months due to the rising focus on ESG-backed initiatives.

With Industry 4.0 in full effect and exciting new EHS use cases for emerging technology, such as automating compliance through AI, being introduced, corporate decision-makers must determine how best to harness technology within their firm. Our analysis drills down into the value offered by each technology, allowing firms to distinguish between solutions that will bring an instant impact to their EHS operations and more speculative options that show promise, yet are still in the embryotic stages of development. EHS practitioners should not make the mistake of looking at promising technologies with rose-coloured glasses, instead their focus should be centred around becoming informed of the possible ROI each technology can offer to their specific situation.

2021 Roadmap

Tom Brown

Analyst, Verdantix

Tom is a Technology Analyst in the Verdantix EHS practice. His current research agenda focuses on technology mega-trends, EHS software, and sustainability. Tom joined Verdantix after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, with particular focus on Process Simulation and environmental sustainability.