Lighting Disinfection Technology Takes The Spotlight Following The COVID-19 Outbreak

With the continuing spread of COVID-19, technology vendors across the smart building sector are launching new propositions to help firms improve infection control in their buildings. In March 2020, lighting services firm Eco Energy Group (Eco E) launched a new suite of lighting products aimed at helping firms improve infection control in buildings. It launched the ‘Smart UVC Solution’ ultraviolet (UV) light which can kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces, and the ‘Smart UVA Solution’ which can also disinfect surfaces through safe lighting rays. Eco E will deliver these solutions through a lighting-as-a-service business model which requires no capital expenditure.

Eco E is another vendor capitalizing on the disinfection qualities of UV lighting. Its ‘Smart UVC Solution’ leverages high impact UV light to kill 99.9% of airborne bacteria on direct exposure. It is designed for use in areas that can be closed off from humans, such as hospital isolation and sterile processing rooms, as UV light is harmful to eyes and skin. Its ‘Smart UVA Solution’ is designed for broader deployment across buildings as it is safe to deploy in spaces continually occupied by people. It leverages safe violet light mixed with white light to kill up to 80% of airborne bacteria. Also in March 2020, Orion Energy Systems launched anti-microbial white light technology for commercial buildings. Other vendors offering lighting disinfection products include Current by GE, Hubbell Lighting and Vital Vio.

What are the best use cases for lighting disinfection technology? Hospitals are already leveraging UV lighting technology to support their disinfection and cleaning processes. In early 2019, St. Mary’s Hospital purchased a robot which emits UV light to help kill pathogens such as MRSA, measles, and now coronavirus. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is using UV light to clean N95 masks for reuse amid the nationwide shortage. With growing interest in infection control across all sectors, commercial offices and retail stores could also benefit from using lighting disinfection technology to support existing cleaning procedures. With lots of product launches taking place across the lighting market, buyers will have an increasing choice.

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