IWMS Vendors Set To Bring Virtual Personal Assistants To The Workplace In 2017

IWMS vendors continue on the search for new technology applications to smarten up the workplace and optimize facilities. One interesting proposition currently on the roadmap for some IWMS vendors is virtual personal assistants, which are often AI based - an important theme on the current development roadmaps.

Virtual personal assistants, an emerging technology, are designed to perform a variety of personal tasks such as scheduling meetings, assisting with file organization and information extraction, improving human-machine interactions using natural language, and even assisting with specific research tasks. There are already several well-funded virtual assistant start-ups to watch for, including Amy Ingram, a human-like AI personal assistant that can schedule meetings by linking calendars with personal preferences, such as a preferred time of day for meetings with a favourite coffee shop.

In the IWMS space, we expect that vendors such as Serraview, Planon, and Condeco, will explore the application of virtual workplace assistants to boost existing software applications around meeting scheduling, room booking and way finding. This early stage technology has already been explored by MCS, which has developed a natural language personal assistant that answers questions about room availability and location, while learning, building, and improving the content it offers based on previous questions it has been asked.

The timing could be favourable; firms bringing this technology to a business environment will benefit from Amazon's marketing push regarding similar (but limited) products for the consumer market.

For more details on the latest trends in the Real Estate, Energy, and Facilities Information Management (REEFIM) Market, see our recent report - 10 Predictions For Real Estate, Energy And Facilities Information Management in 2017.

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