Intelex And Datamaran Partnership Signals Increasing Shift Towards Dynamic Sustainability Materiality

As of September 14, 2021, Intelex and Datamaran have announced an exclusive partnership, signaling growing customer demand for insight into potential ESG related risks impacting materiality. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, UK, Datamaran provides clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Cisco, with external risk and opportunity data aligned to over 400 external risk factors. Intelex is a global provider of EHSQ (Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality) management software, and is expanding capabilities rapidly to meet new corporate demands for ESG solutions.

This partnership signals a shift in corporate strategies concerning ESG and sustainability management. Risk stemming from poor ESG performance is now a real concern for firms across industries; consider research from Societe Generale, which found that amongst major firms who underwent an ‘ESG controversy’ said company’s stock underperformed against global indices by 12% over two years. Managing this risk is now a responsibility of CEOs and boards of directors, who are seeking to integrate ESG into broader risk management strategies. The upcoming Verdantix Global Corporate Survey: ESG & Sustainability Governance, Strategies, and Priorities finds that CEOs have emerged as the key decision maker regarding ESG strategy definition and funding. And they are supported by a range of C-suite executives, including CFOs and COOs. The ultimate aim: to support and report into board ESG and sustainability initiatives.

Concurrently, corporate firms are seeking to embue materiality assessments with a degree of dynamism, to better stay ahead of and manage ESG risks and opportunities. Various sustainability and EHS solutions providers offer static materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement tools; but proactive data is key to empowering innovation in this area. This marks a paradigm shift for ESG and sustainability; no longer is it solely a compliance or regulatory issue, but an area of financial risk and opportunity. Consequently, corporations are implementing sustainability initiatives across business operations, to better enable performance improvement.

Intelex customers will benefit from the level of risk and opportunity information granted by Datamaran to make informed, dynamic decisions concerning materiality. They will also be able to leverage Datamaran’s insight alongside Intelex’s extensive data collection and performance management capabilities to better manage developing ESG strategies. Expect to see functionalities including benchmarking, disclosure optimization, and dynamic materiality assessments become more popular amongst corporations, as boards and c-suite executives seek to adapt ESG strategies to improve performance and insulate themselves from market risk.

ESG Intelex And Datamaran Partnership Signals Increasing Shift Towards Dynamic Sustainability Materiality

Connor Taylor

Analyst, Verdantix

Connor is a Technology Analyst in the ESG & Sustainability practice. His current research agenda focuses on emerging software solutions across financial markets, and broader market trends in the ESG space. Connor joined Verdantix in 2021 and has experience in EHS technology sales and development. He holds a B.A from Cambridge University in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic.