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Launched on June 15, 2011, ISO 50001 is a voluntary standard that establishes an international, cross-industry framework for energy management within industrial plants and commercial facilities. After getting off to a relatively slow start ISO 50001 is now starting to gather some real momentum. As of March 2014, 6,912 sites had achieved ISO 50001 certified status, up from 2,200 in March 2013.

Europe remains the strongest market for ISO 50001 accounting for almost 83% of all certified sites. Europe’s uptake of ISO 50001 is predominately down to the tax incentives offered to firms that adopt the standard in Germany, 51% of certified sites globally are in Germany according to the ISO survey.

Verdantix asked 285 energy decision-makers to indicate the level of investment in ISO 50001 that their firm will make in the next financial year. The data show that 60% of firms are planning to invest in ISO 50001 in the next financial year; firms in Latin and North America are showing an increased interest in ISO 50001, where 50% and 42% of firms respectively expect to invest in ISO 50001 at more than one site; 22% of firms in the energy and basic resources sector expect to scale their investments; 49% of retailers and consumer products firms are either not investing or unsure about whether to invest in ISO 50001.

Verdantix expects the adoption of ISO 50001 to continue to increase and that Europe and APAC will continue to lead the way. Compliance will be the primary driver in Europe as the EU Energy Efficiency Directive calls on all member states to introduce mandatory energy audits for all large firms. An example of how this will support ISO 50001 is ESOS in the UK, firms have to conduct energy audits however sites that are ISO 50001 are exempt.

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