EnerNOC Tackles Changing Energy Consumption Profiles by Connecting Up Solar and Storage Assets

Decentralized energy, when combined with energy storage, has the potential to be a game changer for energy use. Recent announced partnerships illustrate how energy management solutions company EnerNOC is tackling the opportunity provided by decentralized energy and storage head-on.

On May 1st, EnerNOC and Tesla announced a partnership for the deployment and management of energy storage systems to commercial and industrial customers. Energy storage is the hot new topic poised to help the continued growth of decentralized energy generation and use.

Earlier in the year, EnerNOC also partnered with solar panel manufacturer SunPower to provide decentralized solar generation and energy management software to commercial and industrial customers.

On the face of it, this is a great way for EnerNOC to reach more customers. But there is more to these partnerships than meets the eye. The installation of solar generation, combined with battery storage, goes to the heart of EnerNOC’s strategy for energy management. In the simplest of terms, the defining aspect of its proposition is that the amount of energy you use is only one of three levers for optimising energy costs. Commercial and industrial organisations need to think through when they are using energy, and whether they are on the most appropriate tariff structures. Local generation and storage create greater possibilities to change the patterns of energy consumption.

There are further aspects to these partnerships. EnerNOC will have greater access to data on solar energy generation, storage and use patterns. This will allow it to fine tune its energy intelligence platform to support decision making on the consume versus store dilemma. In addition, aggregating a large enough set of data will enable the modelling and forecasting of energy demand changes on local markets. This is potentially valuable for local utilities who will need a more nuanced understanding of their customers’ reshaped energy consumption profiles.

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