Energy Management Propositions Must Appeal to Facilities and Operations Departments

Energy Management Propositions BlogVerdantix blogs have touched previously on the need to expand conversations beyond energy efficiency to incorporate broader business challenges. This is further reinforced by recent findings from the Verdantix Global Energy Leaders Survey 2015. Of the 285 firms interviewed, 64% stated that facilities departments contribute at least 10% of the annual energy management budget and 48% mentioned operations as another key contributor.

Suppliers targeting firms with large portfolios of commercial buildings, in sectors such as business services or retail, should focus their efforts on asset management, building maintenance and workforce management. Verdantix views each of these as growing requirements that appeal directly to operations and facilities executives. Verisae is already delivering these capabilities to its roster of retail clients while firms such as Ameresco andSiemens offer software and services to support facilities strategies.

Although energy has a significant impact on the profitability of industrial firms, few have detailed visibility into energy consumption and costs. Suppliers targeting industrial firms, in sectors such as automotive and food & beverage, should focus their efforts on data analytics, procurement and renewable energy. EFT Energy enables firms to incorporate energy within broader considerations such as production scheduling. EnerNOC is helping industrial firms incorporate flexibility within procurement by aligning energy supply and demand considerations. WhileSchneider Electric helps firms through a suite of demand and supply services including micro grids.

Those firms that develop and market solutions that answer the needs of user groups outside of energy managers stand the best chance of securing a decent share of tight budgets.



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