Contractor Management Software: Ensuring The Safety Of Contractors In The Face Of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has the world grinding to a halt. Borders have closed across Asia, Europe and North America. At the same time global lockdowns cover a quarter of the world population. On 31st March there were 800,000 confirmed infections, with 39,784 deaths. The question now stands, how can we keep calm and carry on through this pandemic?

Key firms such as pharmaceutical and PPE manufacturers, healthcare and construction sites rely on large numbers of temporary staff to operate. Contractors pose a challenge to operations even at the best of times, heightening reputational risk, fines and liabilities if improperly managed, and higher risk of incidents and fatalities. Contractor safety management software has emerged to assist firms to address these risks. This same software can play a vital role in enabling these firms to keep calm and continue their operations using temporary workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A handful of contractor safety management and EHS vendors have incorporated functionality for COVID-19 in their software offerings. OneLook Systems, an Ireland headquartered contractor safety management software vendor enables customers to create a COVID-19 qualification to assess a contractor employees’ exposure to the virus. The permit to work module has options to ensure that the worker performing the job is low risk and includes general information “red-boxes” so that COVID-19 is top of mind. The software also includes workflow for weekly inductions for all contractor employees to regularly assess any new exposure amongst temporary workers. Avetta offers a business continuity plan for COVID-19 that enables hiring clients to review company contractor policies on communicable diseases, identify alternative vendors, and conduct thorough online and offline simulation drills. Avetta offers a COVID-19 checklist within its prequalification questionnaire, and a specialised induction module to ensure that contractor employees have been trained in proper hygiene. TenForce, the Belgium headquartered EHS vendor is helping its customers create COVID-19 specific dynamic qualification templates and automated qualification processes for contractor safety and on-site access.

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