ARCADIS Steps Up Digital Transformation Efforts With The Launch Of Arcadis Gen

On January 29 2020, design and engineering consultancy provider ARCADIS announced its launch of a new global digital business: Arcadis Gen. Operating as a separate legal entity, the Arcadis Gen unit is unifying the recent ARCADIS acquisition of SEAMS and EAMS Group to create digital, data-driven asset management technologies. With the vendor focusing on delivering rapid and scalable solutions, Arcadis Gen marks the next steps of ARCADIS’ digital transformation journey.

Expanding on SEAMS’s offering as a software and advanced analytics provider, and combining this with EAMS Group, an enterprise asset and safety management service provider, ARCADIS is fusing its digital expertise in one place and branching out from its traditional service offering. The foundation of Arcadis Gen is digital. The firm emphasizes its nature as one that uses technology to establish insight that can help efficiently and effectively assist organisations at scale.

By creating products, platforms and solutions, Arcadis Gen’s current offerings are designed to assist firms in optimising decision-making, utilising data and improving organisational performance, with a particular focus on asset management. The business unit’s digital solutions include Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Investment Planning and Asset Performance Management.

But what does this mean for other EHS service providers? Expanding from its service business model, as a products and technology organization, Arcadis Gen is looking to expand what it means to be a service provider by using technology to establish faster, more scalable insights from data. The consultancy firm is adding to its digital capabilities and expanding its by ensuring safe operations through asset management. By taking a holistic view of risk management, Arcadis Gen is bridging the gap between EHS and operational excellence by expanding its digital suite.

Notably, Arcadis is not the first service provider to expand its asset management capabilities through digital. Consulting firms such as Accenture have already begun to digitalise their asset management efforts to attempt to fill a gap in the market and meet growing customer demand.

As firms face constantly changing regulations and new competitive pressures, the need for efficient and accurate asset management solutions will continue to increase. This is not just for the profitability and productivity of a firm but for the safety and wellbeing of its workforce. The interplay then between asset management and EHS is one that is increasingly being recognised as important from a risk management perspective. With this in mind, it is interesting to consider the changing digitized asset management landscape—as represented by the newly launched Arcadis Gen—and what this means for EHS and operational excellence. 

EHS ARCADIS steps up digital transformation efforts with the launch of Arcadis Gen Verdantix Blog