Driving transformation

With our two-year program, you embark on a transformative journey of continuous climate strategy improvement. Our platform is designed to keep you at the forefront of your industry by providing a toolkit of resources that support decision-making, resource allocation, forward planning and continuous improvement.

Automate a confidential assessment of your climate strategy and disclosures

Verdantix analysts assess your public climate disclosures using a more than 500-point evaluation framework including industry specific criteria. All you need to do is log in and explore your own data.

Monitor your climate disclosure compliance with fast-evolving regulatory frameworks

Our cloud-based business intelligence engine automates the comparison of your climate disclosures to regulatory reporting requirements. We update regulatory templates and provide applicability assessment tools.

Understand best in class climate performance in your industry in 30 minutes

Customize benchmarks of your climate governance, strategy and risk management disclosures to understand how you compare with the best in your industry. With a single click assess your GHG emissions intensity on multiple metrics compared to your industry peers.

Meet with industry peers to share data-driven best practices

Move from data and insights to action by meeting virtually and in-person with your peer group. Share best practice and hear Verdantix’s ideas on how to improve performance, select consulting providers and implement digital solutions.

Access expert net zero and climate risk analyst resources

Use the ultra-detailed analysis in the climate intelligence platform to get targeted support from Verdantix expert analysts and consultants. Fire up projects that fix weaknesses in your climate strategy, internal capabilities and disclosures.

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