Our solution

The Verdantix Climate benchmark fuses deep climate expertise with our experience of working with senior decision makers from some of the world’s leading companies. It is designed to provide quick and easy access to the answers and analysis you need to make the best possible decisions.

Disclosure dashboard

Access an ultra-detailed assessment of disclosure completeness

  • Your firm’s public disclosures pre-loaded into the climate intelligence platform
  • Visual presentation of your firm’s most recent public climate disclosures
  • Drill down into 500 data points to understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Extract data to tell a better climate strategy story

Regulatory readiness

Compare disclosures with multiple reporting frameworks to check for gaps and weaknesses

  • Automate the comparison of your public disclosures against regulatory templates
  • Drill down into specific areas of non-compliance to understand what information is missing
  • Export charts to include in internal management presentations

Industry benchmark

Make comparisons with industry peers to inform decisions on transition plans, targets and disclosure depth

  • Compare your climate disclosures against your peer group across governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and targets
  • View stack rankings of your firm’s disclosure quality relative to your peer group
  • Identify which industry peers score highest across 500 criteria to learn from best practice
  • Use charts and tables to communicate comparisons

Performance analytics

Equip yourself with tools that improve climate strategy and develop a better narrative for disclosures

  • Explore emissions intensity metrics for your firm and your industry peers
  • Understand how stronger governance drives more compelling disclosures
  • Assess the link between funding for climate programmes and the quality of transition plans
  • Export climate performance analysis findings to justify internal business cases

Footprint & Net Zero target comparison

Use pre-loaded data and simple tools to compare all historic CO2 data and future targets

  • Compare your absolute carbon emissions with industry peers
  • Dig into CO2 intensity metrics with pre-built analytical tools
  • Benchmark your net zero targets against industry peers
  • Craft investor relations narratives that highlight the positives of your net zero strategy

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