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The Verdantix Climate Benchmark isn’t just a snapshot of how your business is performing at a specific moment in time. Instead, we act as partners, helping you build on your successes and guide your strategy through access to experts, peer-level networking and constant updates.


Access to the Verdantix Climate Benchmark inlcudes...

An industry-specific climate intelligence platform
Climate disclosure data sets updated within 8 weeks of new material disclosures
Digital tools to help you understand alignment with regulatory reporting frameworks
Climate metrics data sets updated within 4 weeks of new material disclosures
Annual virtual workshop hosted by Verdantix with industry peers
2 days of dedicated analyst time per year
Annual in-person one day workshop led by Verdantix experts

Who uses the Verdantix Climate Benchmark?

Today, the Verdantix Climate Benchmark is designed to support insurance companies, PE firms, banks, software vendors and engineering services firms. If you are a climate and sustainability leader in one of these sectors, get in touch today to find out how we can work together.

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