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We help technology suppliers better understand their positioning in the markets they operate in. Our advisory capabilities cover a broad spectrum of client engagements which draw on our research skill set, databases and proven project management expertise. Greater insights into the developing needs and priorities of your clients and prospects to validate your business decisions and put you on the radar. Verdantix independent research and guidance will enable you to create the most impactful strategies to strengthen your competitive positioning and brand awareness amongst target buyers.

Market Strategy

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketing and C-level executives is establishing successful positioning for products and services in the context of a shifting landscape of customer needs and competitive challenges. We have the research assets and consulting expertise to develop, refine and optimize your market strategy

Acquisition Scan

Since 2009, Verdantix has been called on by investors and C-level executives to support acquisition and sale activities. Our expertise in , go-to-market strategy development, acquisition scanning. Our team of experts have been analyzing and product benchmarking for more than 10 years. We're trusted to deliver impartial, evidence-based assessments of firms to aid in the acquisition scanning stage.

Commercial Due Diligence

Our established subject matter expertise, supplier databases, independent research brand and executive relationships enable us to undertake confidential engagements that span from generating long lists of targets, to completing under the radar pre-due diligence interviews as well as full blown due diligence engagements.

Thought Leadership

The methodology for each study is created uniquely for each client based on your specific requirements for brand building, media coverage and lead generation. Examples include large-scale surveys to drive media coverage and provide conference speech content, validation of business benefit claims through detailed analysis and creation of unique self-assessment web apps to attract customers to share data and generate web leads.

Voice of the Customer

Understanding the requirements and priorities of your customers and prospects is essential to the ongoing success of your business. As a research and consulting firm, Verdantix has more than a decade of experience running customer interview studies with panels as small as 20 up to 400 person studies. As a highly specialized research and consulting firm, we bring industry expertise to our interviewing capability ensuring we craft highly effective customer question sets and can leverage our relationships to speed the delivery of the project.

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Through our research we help corporate executives, investors, technology executives and services firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions. We are committed to delivering objective, timely, and accurate analysis to help our clients succeed.

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  • "Verdantix research ensures that we feel confident in the decisions we make and keeps us on the path to success."

    Christine Adeline – VP Product Management EHS and OpRisk, SAI Global

  • "Verdantix research helps us anticipate and react to market and customer demands, which helps us as a business remain innovative and successful."

    Markus Becker – CEO, Quentic

  • "The expert and easy to digest research from Verdantix helps us to continuously validate our strategy and to develop effective marketing campaigns to remain a leader in the global IWMS market."

    Jos Knops - Global Director Product Marketing, Planon

  • "Verdantix insights help us to perform with greater agility. It gives us greater clarity on our customer and on the market we operate in, which allows us to provide a better product for our customers."

    Alyn Franklin – Chief Executive Officer, Alcumus

  • "Having access to in-depth insights and an expert team who are able to help us address our key business challenges, allows us to remain at the forefront of the IWMS industry."

    Brian Haines – VP Strategy, FM:Systems

  • "We’re very impressed by both the market content and Verdantix's ability to distil that content for a prospective investor. I’d give Verdantix 10/10 and would definitely recommend to a friend or colleague."

    VP, Global Private Equity Firm

  • "Having access to high-quality research is crucial to helping us remain a leader in the smart building technology industry. We need reliable insights that we can depend on in order to remain competitive and continue to deliver value to our clients."

    Jeremy Towler – Analyst Relations Manager, Siemens

  • "Verdantix is a continuous source of expert insights for us across their research, events and advisory capabilities, which feed into initiatives across our business and are valued by all stakeholders; and allow us to remain a leader in the Sustainability, EHS and ORM markets."

    Julien Picaud – Global Director of Marketing & Product Marketing, Enablon

  • "Verdantix's in-depth research helps me develop a PropTech strategy that engages my executive team, aligns with our corporate mission and keeps us at the forefront of public sector property management."

    Tanveer Hirani – Property Systems & Data Manager I Land & Property, Surrey County Council