Our Values

Verdantix follows five values: independence, accuracy, confidentiality, curiosity, and sustainability. These values guide all employee activities.

Independence is our foundation stone

Our clients rely on our advice to make business decisions with huge implications. We use hard data to help our clients make fact-based conclusions -- leaving no ambiguity. We make the call on what we believe is right or wrong, what works and what doesn’t, what will succeed and what will fail, which suppliers can help and which can’t. No Verdantix branded research has been commissioned. Independent analysis is our foundation stone.

Accuracy is our guiding light

To make the right decisions our clients need to know which industry scenario is most likely, which supplier is the best fit for them today, and what are the best practices exactly. Our forecasts are designed to be accurate not conservative. We are not swayed by market consensus, individual gurus or industry politics. We achieve accuracy through hiring analysts with world class academic credentials and by investing time and energy in quality control.

Confidentiality is our guarantee

We interview and advise thousands of senior decision makers every year and ask probing questions about spending, governance, risks, investments, costs and strategy. By guaranteeing the confidentiality of these discussions we create a safe haven for the sharing of challenges, testing of new ideas and requests for help on sensitive issues. Client confidentiality and non-attribution of research interview data is essential for our research.

Curiosity is our idea generator

We hire people with an outstanding ability to think creatively because the business issues we analyze push the boundaries of business strategy. We take time to ask "why?" before we solve "what?" and "how?". Our creative research methodologies ensure we flex the boundaries of competitive markets, identify previously unseen opportunities and develop new paradigms for decision-making. Through our curiosity we help clients see what is round the corner.

Sustainability is our mission

We apply business thinking in our research to align financial success with business practices that deliver positive impacts for the environment and society over the long-term. We hire individuals with a personal interest and commitment to acting more sustainably. We assess our own performance in financial, environmental and social terms and report on our performance.

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