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Executive Summary

This Tech Roadmap report clarifies the business value, pace of innovation and maturity of 29 Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) technologies. Verdantix conducted a fact-based assessment of the maturity, innovation, future prospects and business value of each solution. EHS managers responsible for selecting technologies to support processes, systems and objectives should use this report to identify the technologies that can add value to their operations. The technologies identified are blockchain for EHSQ, digital twins, active and passive exoskeletons, augmented reality HMD’s and software, virtual reality training, wearable hazard sensors, wearable vital sign monitors, predictive analytics, AI enabled compliance, connected safety platforms, critical event management solutions, video analytics, mental health and wellness solutions, proximity sensors,  UAV solutions, EHS software, product compliance software, sustainability software, online SDS database, EHS mobile apps, contractor management platforms, digital training, EHS regulatory databases, stationary environmental sensors, and internal databases.  

Table of contents

Tech Roadmap Analysis As A Tool For Corporate Managers And Vendors 
Key Questions Answered By Tech Roadmap Analysis
Tech Roadmap Analysis Aligns With Regulatory Compliance, Safety And Risk Requirements

Tech Roadmap For EHS Technologies 
Defining The Market For EHS Technologies

Tech Roadmap Methodology 
Identifying The Five Market Phases Of Technology Maturity
Three Technology Life Cycles Differentiate Business Value 
Technology Adoption And Success Influence Positioning 
Pace Of Innovation Determines The Time To Next Life Cycle Phase
How To Use Tech Roadmap Analysis For Portfolio Management 

EHS Technologies In Phase 1: Research and Development 
1.1 Blockchain For EHSQ
1.2 Digital Twins 

EHS Technologies In Phase 2: Launch 
2.1 Active Exoskeletons  
2.2 Passive Exoskeletons
2.3 Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays 
2.4 Augmented Reality Software Solutions
2.5 Virtual Reality Training 
2.6 Wearable Hazard Sensors
2.7 Wearable Vital Sign Monitors
2.8 Predictive Analytics 
2.9 AI Enabled Compliance
2.10 Connected Safety Platforms 
2.11 Critical Event Management Solutions 
2.12 Video Analytics 
2.13 Mental Health And Wellness Solutions 
2.14 EHS Software— Graph Database Architecture 

EHS Technologies In Phase 3: Growth 
3.1 UAV Solutions 
3.2 EHS Software— Cloud
3.3 Product Compliance Software
3.4 Sustainability Software 
3.5 Online SDS Databases 
3.6 EHS Mobile Apps
3.7 Contractor Management Platforms 
3.8 Digital Training 
3.9 Proximity Sensors 

EHS Technologies In Phase 4: Maturity 
4.1 EHS Regulatory Databases 
4.2 EHS Software— On Premise 
4.3 Stationary Environmental Sensors
4.4 Internal Databases 


Table of figures

Figure 1. EHS Tech Roadmap Technology Solution Groupings 
Figure 2. Tech Roadmap For EHS Technologies 

Organisations mentioned

3M, ABB, Accenture, Accuvio, Achilles, Acty, Acumentive, AECOM, Aerialtronics, Aerodyne, Aeron, Aeronavics, Airobotics, Airsweb, Airware, Alcumus, AlertFind, AlertMedia, Allinfra, Alpha Unmanned Systems, AMA, Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Psychiatric Association (APA), ANSYS, APM Terminals, Apple, Apprentice, APTIM, Arcadis, Ascending Technologies, Assent Compliance, Atheer, Atoun, Audi, Avetics, Avetta, Aware360, Axonify, BASF, Beca, Benchmark Digital, Bionik Laboratories, Bioservo Technologies, Blackline Safety, Bloomberg, Blue Vision Labs, BlueUp, BMW, Bosch, Bosch Sensortec, Breethe, B-Temia, Buddhify, Calm, CarbonBlock, Caterpillar, CEMEX, Chemscape, Chevron, Chipotle, Cineon Training, Circulor, Cisco Systems, Claitec, Cleandrone, Cm3, Cognibox, Cognite, COMFORMiT, compacer, Compass, Compliance Metrix (CMX), ComplianceQuest, Comply1, Context Labs, Contractor Compliance, Cority, Cortexica, Corvex, Cummins, Cummins Rocky Mountain (CRM), Cyberdyne, Cyberhawk, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), Daimler, Dakota Software, DAQRI, Dassault Systèmes, DataStax, DEKRA, Delair, Deloitte, Delta Drone, DevonWay, DHL, DJI, DNV GL, donesafe, dorsaVi, Draganfly, DroneBase, Drones on Demand, DroneView Technologies, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, EasyM2M, eCompliance, EcoOnline, Ecotech, EHS Insight, ehsAI, Ekso Bionics, Eleksen, Emerson, EMEX, Enablon, Encotech, Endress+Hauser, Enhesa, ENMET, Enterprise Health, Environment Health and Safety Online (EHSO), EON Reality, Epson, Equipois, Equivital, ERA Environmental, ERM, Essensium, Ethosh, ETQ, European Chemical Agency (ECHA), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), European Committee for Standardization (CEN), European Economic Area (EEA), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Everbridge, EVORA Global, Exhauss, Expedia, Express Logic, Extronics, Fabriq, Facebook, FarmaTrust, Fatigue Science, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Fiat, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Fieldbit, Fitbit, FLIR Systems, Flyability, FogHorn, Ford, Fourier Intelligence, Garmin, GE Digital, German Bionic, Globe Manufacturing, GOARC, Gobio, GoContractor, Golder, Google, GP Strategies, Grainger, Guardhat, Happify, Headspace, Health & Safety Institute (HSI), Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Heddoko, HEICO, Helios, Henkel, Hexar Systems, Hexoskin, Highmark Interactive, Hitachi, Honda, Honeywell, Horiba, HTC, Humanitas, Humantech, Hyundai Motor, IAR, IBM, IconPro, Ideagen, Immersive Factory, Immersive VR Education, IncidentEye, Industrial Scientific, Industrial Training International, Innophys, InstaVR, Integration Wizards, IntegrityNext, Intel, Intelex, Intenseye, Interaptix, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), INX Software, iPoint-systems, Iristick, ISN, IsoMetrix, J.P. Morgan, Jacobs, Japet, JLL, Journal Of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Kenzen, Kespry, KHA Environmental, Kinetic, KPA, KPMG, Laevo, Levitate Technologies, Librestream, Limeade, LLVision, Lockheed Martin, Logic Safety Solutions, Logical Safety, LogicGate, Lone Worker Solutions, Lumus, M3SH, Magic Leap, MākuSafe, Maven Machines, MediLedger, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Meshify, Meta, Microsoft, Microsoft Hololens, MindBridge, MIRA, Mitie, MMC, Moovency, Multimedia Training Systems (MTS), MyLife Meditation, myosh, MyZone, NASA, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Neo4j, Noonee, Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT), Northpass, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), oculavis, Oculus, ODG, Omnigo, OneLook Systems, OnSolve, Openforce, Optalert, Optinvent, Oracle, Origami Risk, Ottobock, Owens Corning, PaleBlue, Panasonic, Pega, Pilsner Urquell, Pokemon, Polaris Learning, Predictive Safety, Predictive Solutions, Prevsis, ProcessMAP, Procore, ProductIP, ProntoForms, Pro-Sapien, Provenance, Proxipi, Proxitron, PSI, PTC, PurpleAir, Qii.AI, QinetiQ, QiO Technologies, Quentic, Question and Retain, RB3D, RE’FLEKT, Reactec, Realwear, Rectrix Drone Services, Red-on-line, RegScan, Remote Monitored Systems, ReWalk, RexBionics, Rhyton Solutions, Robo-Mate, Safe Spacer, SafeTraces, Safety Compass, SafetyCulture, SafetyStratus, SafetyTek, SAI Global, Samsung, SAP, Sarcos, Sattva, Schneider Electric, Scope AR, Scott Safety, Seebright, Selerant, senseFly, Sentera, Sentient, SeriousVR, SHE Software, Shimadzu, Siemens, Simple But Needed (SBN), Sine, SIS, Skillsoft, Sky-Futures, SkySpecs, SkyWorks, SmartCap,, SolePower, Sony, Sphera, Streamline Simulations, STRIVR, StrongArm Technologies, SuitX, Sulon, Sustrana, syd, Symeo, TeamUAV, TeamViewer, TenForce, Terra Drone, Texo DSI, Thermo Fisher Scientific, thinkstep, Titan, Toshiba, Triax Technologies, Trimble, Trumbull Unmanned, UAS Flight Ops, UL, United Rental, Unmind, Upskill, US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), US Department of Transportation (DOT), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Valve, Vault Intelligence, Vector Solutions, VelocityEHS, Veriforce, Verisk 3E, Vigo Technologies, Viper Drones, VironIT, Virtalis, VisiumKMS, Vitality, VRdirect, VRSafety, Vuzix, Walmart, Welbot, Wellable, Woliba, Wolters Kluwer, Workrite, WSP, WUTIF Capital, XMReality, Xpansiv, XVR Simulation, Xybion, Xylem, Young & Global Partners, Yuneec, Zebra, ZEISS

About the authors

Tom Brown

Senior Analyst
Tom is a Senior Analyst in the Verdantix EHS practice. His current research agenda focuses on a range of EHS topics, including high-risk safety controls, contractor management, environmental services and EHS digitization strategy. Prior to joining Verdantix, Tom achieved a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham.

Bill Pennington

VP Research, EHS & Risk Management
Bill is the VP Research for the Verdantix EHS & Risk Management practices. His current agenda focuses on understanding the evolution of EHS and enterprise risk management, evaluating emerging strategic risks and benchmarking technology buyers’ budgets, priorities and preferences globally.

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