Everbridge’s Critical Event Management Suite Of Solutions Helps Firms Respond Agilely To Extreme Risk Events

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Everbridge’s Critical Event Management Suite Of Solutions Helps Firms Respond Agilely To Extreme Risk Events

Major natural disasters have been in the limelight increasingly over the last several years. In August 2020, Californian wildfires started raging again. In October and November 2019, a single Californian wildfire destroyed 374 structures, threatened 90,000 more, and scorched 120 square miles of land. The negative consequences of these events and others like them are often compounded by poor organizational responses, due to lack of clear information and timely alerts resulting in loss of life as well as economic harm.

Critical event management (CEM) software enables faster response to mitigate the total impact of extreme risk events such as natural disasters, pandemics and terrorism. This software makes use of three types of data - global risk intelligence data gained from macro level news on disasters, organization level data, and finally IoT and sensor data captured at a site. Everbridge, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Massachusetts, United States offers a broad suite of CEM solutions. Everbridge’s CEM platform has a common operating environment with automated workflows that enable users to initiate standard operating procedures in response to a crisis as well as create alerts and escalations.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Everbridge launched its COVID-19 Shield turnkey solution in March 2020, so that organisations could continue operating their businesses safely. COVID-19 Shield solution leverages Everbridge’s database of real-time intelligence on COVID-19 outbreaks to inform organisations of potential impacts to their operations and supply chain, provide information on employees near outbreak areas, trace employees that have been in contact with infected people through the mobile app, and send mass notification alerts to employees. In July 2020, Everbridge launched a control centre that enables organizations to aggregate multiple sources of data, from IoT, cameras, and badge access systems, to ensure compliance with social distancing measures and PPE policies to protect employees from exposure to coronavirus.

Over the past couple of months, where organisations are moving back to working in offices after 6-months of remote operations, and are aiming to return to some type of pre-COVID normalcy, Everbridge’s COVID-19 Shield solution allows heads of operations some relief from uncertainty over their organisation’s proximity to COVID-19 hotspots. Through mass notifications, firms can respond agilely to changing circumstances created by a fresh wave of infections or a natural disaster, by making employees aware of latest information and the actions they should take in response. Organisations such as Owens Corning, a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm, Siemens, an industrial automation solution provider, and WG+E, a power utility, have already chosen to work with Everbridge to help address the challenges posed by COVID-19 and other natural disasters.

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Sebastian Winter

Industry Analyst

Sebastian is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Operational Excellence practice. His research agenda covers digital twins for industrial facilities, asset management software, and connected worker platforms. Sebastian also delivers market strategy, voice of the customer, thought leadership, CDD, and digital strategy advisory pieces. Prior to joining Verdantix, Sebastian worked for Trucost, a division of S&P Global, and held positions in China, Brunei and Kenya. Sebastian holds an MSc Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.